APPRECIATE – everyday urban life

A housing block, grey and worn, windows illuminated in the waning light of the evening. There are so many of these in a city – would you even take a second look at it?

Lars Lerin does, and more so, he dedicates several square metres of thick watercolour paper to it. The Swedish painter takes us on our hands and leads us up close to the house front, inviting us to look into every window. And suddenly you realise – this dull building is full of life!

You see people standing, sitting, walking in their apartments. Everyone has their story and you can only guess at what it might be. A man taking off his suit coat – tired after a long day at the office? Two people watching TV – meeting up for a movie night? A woman in her underwear, maybe getting ready for a night out.

There is so much passion and love in this building. A group of musicians is practising on their saxophones. A man lovingly carries his wife in his arms into the room. There are people kissing and a couple about to have sex.

Over the whole scene there is a sunset, dipping the city into a golden light. It looks calm and peaceful despite the bustle of life. The sense of calmness conveys to us – this is normal, everyday life. Illuminated in such a warm, strong colour the scene is beautiful. Everyday life is beautiful.


Artwork: Lars Lerin, Fönstret mot gården, 2009, 140×204 cm. Seen in the current Lars Lerin exhibition at Liljevalchs, Stockholm.


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