SORROW – at the end of summer

It’s October already, and the long brightness and warmth of summer has left us. Darkness meets us ever earlier every day. A cool breeze is blowing and there is more rain. Flowers wither and dry. Autumn is upon us.After a (very) warm summer that seems all too short to me now, I look upon our nearest future much like I look at this painting. A dreary landscape, devoid of life and growth. We glimpse barren mountains in the distance, obscured by thick, low-hanging clouds and a drizzly rain. We do not know in which direction we are looking and we feel aimless and lost in the nothingness.

There is no point to keep going into this landscape, there seems nothing to be found and the danger of getting lost in the fog is too real.

There is nothing to be done other than to return into the shelter of our homes, waiting for better times.


Artwork: Georg Gudni Hauksson, Untitled, 1994. Seen in “Confronting Nature: Icelandic Art of the 20th Century”

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