GROWTH – widen the concept of religion

Whichever belief you choose to follow, there is one thing that unites a great many of people – the awe and admiration of natural forces and wonders. We are all amazed and impressed by steep mountains, deep valleys, wide oceans, wild forests or quiet rolling hills. Regardless of whether you see it as the creation of one god or several, follow a nature religion or regard the environment as the natural results of the physics of the universe, many of us understand the importance of nature for our lives and well-being and dedicate their time, energy or money to aid its preservation. In a wide sense, this admiration and dedication is reminiscent of religion, like we are making offerings to nature.

Daniel Grunditz takes this view a step further by moving the prayer bench outside and placing a depiction of a forest on the altar. There are no words, no notes on the prayer sheets, instead the worshippers contemplate the wide lake and hills in the distance. He titles the artwork “What we need now”, making a strong statement.

The artwork is asking, even demanding us to move on from merely occasionally admiring nature to a dedicated focus, respecting and preserving our environment.


Artwork: Daniel Grunditz, Vad vi behöver nu, seen at Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2018, Stockholm, Sweden.

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