HOPE – old and new

One year comes to an end and the next one is about to begin. A time to reflect on the past and to consider the future. Old things to put behind you and new ones to look forward to.In front of you is a small pond, cast in dark shade by the surrounding trees. A tree stump leans towards the water, ready to fall. The wreck of a row boat lies tangled in the roots of a tree. The water is still and opaque.

Behind the darkness, the old and the derelict shines a group of young birch trees, brightly illuminated by the low rays of the rising sun.

In this painting I see past and future, the old and the new. It inspires hope as I see myself stepping out of the shadows into the light. I will leave behind the things that no longer serve me (the broken boat) and step into the new possibilities that the future holds for me.

I hope you can see yourself doing the same, and wish you a happy new year.


Artwork: Worthington Whittredge, The Old Hunting Grounds, ca. 1864. Seen in American Paradise: The World of the Hudson River School

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