APPRECIATE – the disappearing ice

The stillness is complete. Magestic icebergs float unmoving on still, reflecting water. In the distance, they slowly fade into the mist and clouds. The scene is motionless except for the soft wavering of clouds. The whole drawing conveys a feeling of quiet serenity and leads us into a moment of contemplation.

We contemplate the Arctic ice with the knowledge that it is melting. This otherworldly beautiful scene is slowly disappearing from reality. This disappearance is underlined with the misty haze the icebergs disappear into, as well as the deep and dark waters the ice is turning into.

Artist Zaria Forman creates these huge and stunning pastel drawings by applying pastel pigments with her fingers, a time-consuming and careful process. Her dedication is meant to bring attention to the melting Arctic and raise awareness of climate change.


Artwork: Zaria Forman (2012), Greenland no.50, soft pastel on paper. See more on her website.

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