REMEMBER – those who stay

Pale greenish shrouds hang quietly from top to bottom. Figures turn away from you and head into the tangle, dissolving and dissipating into the background even while they are standing still – as if it was you who is moving away.Traveling always means both moving towards some people and away from others. There is always someone who stays behind. At first you are acutely aware of these persons, feeling a sense of loss and yearning as you move away.

Distance and time passes and you adjust, those who stayed fade in your consciousness as you are occupied with your new destination. Fade into the pale green shrouds of far away.

It is with conscious effort that you keep our dear ones from disappearing entirely into obscurity. You remember and think about them, keep in touch and bridge the distance with the contact you uphold.

Until you travel towards them again.


Artwork: Umberto Boccioni, 1911, States of Mind III: Those Who Stay. Seen at MoMa.

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