REBALANCING – the garden bubble

A beautiful summer day invites you into the garden to enjoy the day with your favourite pastimes. There is much to see. Colourful branches, leaves and flowers point your eyes into the centre to a man on a wicker chair, drawing or writing.Your eyes move on to a man painting in front of the house in the upper right. A woman is lying in the grass, perhaps doing some yoga. There is a cat basking in the sunshine and a deer shyly emerging from the trees. A flock of birds is pecking around in the grass.

The background colouring shapes vague circles around each person and scene. Everyone lives in their own little personal bubble, undisturbed and oblivious to anything else than their respective activity.

The soft green shades have a calming effect, the underlying round shapes soften the lines and edges of the vegetation. I find myself in all three of the figures as they are immersed in activities that I like to do, too, and that I find relaxing and rewarding. I can even relate to the lazy cat and the curious deer.

Looking at this tapestry gives me a moment of respite, the feeling of a day in the garden, and therefore creates a balance against the cold and busy winter days.


Artwork: Lars Gynning, 1950, Min Trädgård/Mon Jardin, woven tapestry. See close-ups.

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