APPRECIATE – the power of light

As soon as you walk into this monumental building, the light strikes you with all its power and colour. In the afternoon, the sun is shining through stained glass in yellow, orange and red shades and casts patterns of bright colour on the tall, tree-like columns.The building is the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s monumental (and yet unfinished) cathedral. My photos do not do the real experience justice. The warm shades of sunset colours flood the building in an absolutely breathtaking fashion. You cannot help but stand still and marvel at it.

The architect Gaudí said, “Sunshine is the best painter.” And indeed, the art of the stained glass window is only part of the composition. They would all seem rather dull if there was no sunshine to bring them to life.

Without light, most art would be meaningless because you could not see it. There are no colours without light. The stark effect of sunlight through glass reminds us to appreciate the light and the sun.


Artwork: Architect Antoni Gaudí and glazier Joan Vila-Grau, stained glass windows in the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain. Read more about the windows here.

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