SELF-UNDERSTANDING – our soul grows on

Last night was Earth hour, so today’s post is embracing trees – literally. Bronze sculptures sit on small green hills, each embracing a tree. Their eyes are closed in meditation. On their bodies are the names of artists, musicians and writers. The scene is so contemplative that you feel like sitting down and hugging a tree yourself.

The artist Jaume Plensa says about his work: “In my sculptures, I incorporated a real tree that keeps growing while the sculpture remains still. It is rooted in the ground, as we are. Our body is a prison, but our soul keeps growing, like a tree.

P_20190318_162301The body is a hollow shell in which the tree (the soul) is growing. The sculptures are not hugging the tree tightly but giving it space. There is a lot of room for the tree to grow and become thicker and stronger.

The literature we read, the music we listen to and the art we look at is making an imprint on us and feeds our creative soul.

We are not static beings. Throughout our lives, the experiences we make and the impacts others have on us, we develop and grow. Art in any form shapes us.

So how is this sculpture shaping me? First of all, it makes me aware of the above. Seeing this artwork, I could be such a sculpture myself, with “Jaume Plensa” written on me together with many other artists. Furthermore, I learn to embrace my own continuous growth.


Artwork: Jaume Plensa, Heart of Trees, 2007. Seen in Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA).

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