Why Open Eyes Art?

In everyday life, we take things for granted and often do not even look at them. Drawing and painting are a way to focus and see the world in all its detail and reality. It helps us to become mindful of our nature. Art opens our eyes to our surrounding, both while we paint or draw ourselves and when we appreciate art done by other artists.

Who are you?

Nina in one of her most recent exhibitions

My name is Nina Tadsen and I’m a self-taught artist based in Stockholm. I am very passionate for nature and this is reflected in my art – florals, animals, landscapes and my beloved dryads. Art is my passion and I am also currently a student in art history.

I work for a Scandinavian tour operator in Stockholm and have good experience of the tourism sector.

In my free time I love to travel, hike and kayak and then you may find me sitting on a rock with my pens and sketchbook, or out in the landscape with my travel easel.

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