My blog’s concept: Art as Therapy

This art blog is inspired by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong’s book “Art as Therapy“. The book introduces a new mindset in looking at art. It argues that we should use art as a form of therapy to improve our personal life experience, find answers to our questions, help us solve our problems. Art can help us to be good persons, and even push us to improve as a society.

With this approach, it does not matter whether you know much about the life of the artist, the philosophy behind the style or the historical background of the motive. You do not need a sign next to the painting, telling you what to think and feel. The important part is what you see in the artwork, what it makes you feel and how it can help you.

Alain de Botton introduces seven functions of art in the therapeutic sense: Continue reading “My blog’s concept: Art as Therapy”

GROWTH – widen the concept of religion

Whichever belief you choose to follow, there is one thing that unites a great many of people – the awe and admiration of natural forces and wonders. We are all amazed and impressed by steep mountains, deep valleys, wide oceans, wild forests or quiet rolling hills. Continue reading “GROWTH – widen the concept of religion”

REBALANCE – strong as a sea shell

The shell lies still in the shallow water, algae carressing it softly as the gentle waves sweep them back and forth. Looking at this painting, I feel as if I was diving. The water closes around my ears and cancels out all noise. All movement is slowed by the resistance of the water. The cool water embraces and refreshes me. A calmness settles around me. Continue reading “REBALANCE – strong as a sea shell”

SORROW – emptiness and desolation

The figure sits in a grey and desolate landscape, shoulders slumped in resignation. Hands hanging down, there is nothing they could do as they have no strength to hold anything. The arms and legs are mere bones, all flesh and strength wasted away. The face is obscured, black cloth hanging down the whole body like a shroud. Continue reading “SORROW – emptiness and desolation”

REBALANCING – in the hammock

There is no better way to relax than in a hammock with a good book. Lacking these facilities, this watercolour painting at least brings the feeling to my mind. The light colours convey the refreshing calmness of a warm, slightly cloudy day without wind. The boats have docked for the day, the traffic on the river quieted. Time to relax. Continue reading “REBALANCING – in the hammock”