My blog’s concept: Art as Therapy

This art blog is inspired by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong’s book “Art as Therapy“. The book introduces a new mindset in looking at art. It argues that we should use art as a form of therapy to improve our personal life experience, find answers to our questions, help us solve our problems. Art can help us to be good persons, and even push us to improve as a society.

With this approach, it does not matter whether you know much about the life of the artist, the philosophy behind the style or the historical background of the motive. You do not need a sign next to the painting, telling you what to think and feel. The important part is what you see in the artwork, what it makes you feel and how it can help you.

Alain de Botton introduces seven functions of art in the therapeutic sense: Continue reading “My blog’s concept: Art as Therapy”

HOPE – the way into colour

Two sketchy, colourless figures are sitting inside a black boat with a grey sail. Around them, however, the colours explode. You can just guess a smooth, reflecting water surface and a low horizon – beyond that the colours have no connection to real observation. The strongest, brightest pastels mix in the sky like an explosion. Continue reading “HOPE – the way into colour”

APPRECIATE – the disappearing ice

The stillness is complete. Magestic icebergs float unmoving on still, reflecting water. In the distance, they slowly fade into the mist and clouds. The scene is motionless except for the soft wavering of clouds. The whole drawing conveys a feeling of quiet serenity and leads us into a moment of contemplation. Continue reading “APPRECIATE – the disappearing ice”


Two tiny figures are encircled by a landscape in motion. The waterfall behind them seems to fall right on top of them. The gigantic rock to the right looks about to topple over and squish them between it and the steep mountain cliffs on the left that are likewise sloping dangerously toward them. Continue reading “SELF-UNDERSTANDING – overwhelming”