APPRECIATE – the disappearing ice

The stillness is complete. Magestic icebergs float unmoving on still, reflecting water. In the distance, they slowly fade into the mist and clouds. The scene is motionless except for the soft wavering of clouds. The whole drawing conveys a feeling of quiet serenity and leads us into a moment of contemplation. Continue reading “APPRECIATE – the disappearing ice”

APPRECIATE – the colours of autumn

Autumn is the time when the warmth dissipates and rains and winds sweep away the last traces of summer. Plants wither and trees start losing their leaves. Before they cast them off, though, they break out into a joyful array of bright colours. Their leaves take on all shades of yellow, orange and red – warm colours reminiscent of the lost warmth of summer. Continue reading “APPRECIATE – the colours of autumn”

APPRECIATE – everyday urban life

A housing block, grey and worn, windows illuminated in the waning light of the evening. There are so many of these in a city – would you even take a second look at it?

Lars Lerin does, and more so, he dedicates several square metres of thick watercolour paper to it. The Swedish painter takes us on our hands and leads us up close to the house front, inviting us to look into every window. And suddenly you realise – this dull building is full of life! Continue reading “APPRECIATE – everyday urban life”