SELF-UNDERSTANDING – our soul grows on

Last night was Earth hour, so today’s post is embracing trees – literally. Bronze sculptures sit on small green hills, each embracing a tree. Their eyes are closed in meditation. On their bodies are the names of artists, musicians and writers. The scene is so contemplative that you feel like sitting down and hugging a tree yourself. Continue reading “SELF-UNDERSTANDING – our soul grows on”

SELF-UNDERSTANDING – body perception

Swedish artist Georg Pauli said about this painting “A beauty that comes and disappears and returns again”. Indeed the figure appears elusive. Your eyes move over the painting and you discern shapes of legs and arms that seem to fade in and out of an abstract background. While you are focusing on her face, her legs disintegrate into unidentified shapes and colours. You never perceive the woman as a whole. Continue reading “SELF-UNDERSTANDING – body perception”


Two tiny figures are encircled by a landscape in motion. The waterfall behind them seems to fall right on top of them. The gigantic rock to the right looks about to topple over and squish them between it and the steep mountain cliffs on the left that are likewise sloping dangerously toward them. Continue reading “SELF-UNDERSTANDING – overwhelming”

SELF-UNDERSTANDING – striving to be perfect

Four monuments in an empty and dreary landscape, veiled in cloth, trapped in scaffolding – unfinished. Still under construction, they promise to be finished tomorrow, yet there is no light at the horizon and the title informs us that “Tomorrow is Never”. Continue reading “SELF-UNDERSTANDING – striving to be perfect”