Creativity knows no bounds and so there are many things that do not fit categories easily!

Untitled (Aurora cross)

abstract watercolour painting with a slanted cross

I love to experiment and to get out of my comfort zone sometimes. Abstract watercolour is a lot about letting go, letting the colour do its thing on the paper, and letting intuition and creativity flow.

Watercolour, 2021

For sale - price on request

Autumn box

box painted with autumn leaves

Watercolour on cardboard box, 2019


Butterfly box

box painted with butterfly

Watercolour on cardboard box, 2019

Given away

Lily box

box painted with lily

Watercolour on cardboard box, 2019


Nasturtium box

box painted with red flower

Watercolour on cardboard box, 2019


Request a box!

yet unpainted boxes

Would you like to have a box painted just as you want it? Send me a request!

Watercolour on cardboard box

Prices between 200 - 500 SEK depending on size and motive

Dragon lamp

lamp with dragon head and tail

This custom-made lamp was a special request!

Posca pens on acrylic glass, surrounded by LED lights

Not for sale

Mural tree

mural of a tree

You know I love trees. In any form, and any size. Even big enough to fill an entire wall.

Not for sale