A few words about the tools of the trade

Every tool has its own character. The choice depends on what you want to express and show, or what you want to analyse.


Coloured pencils give me a limited amount of colours to work with, but the precise tip of a pencil for detailed work.


Inktense pencils are similar to watercolour pencils, but with a different pigment which acts more like ink. Once the pigments are dissolved with water, strong vibrant colours appear.


Graphite pencils turn the world into greyscale – colour, light and shadow alike have to turn into scales of grey. Suddenly the focus is on contrast.


A ballpoint pen is the most reduced medium, leaving only lines to work with and giving the additional challenge that, as in real life, you cannot undo your mistakes – you have to live with them.


Acrylics are great for strong colours and larger scales, for expressiveness and impact. On the other hand they are a handy tool for quick, small paintings as well.


Digital painting gives me an endless supply of colours, the ability to undo mistakes easily and therefore the chance to experiment.

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