Weeping Willow Dryad Dryad Birch Dryad Chestnut Apple Dryad

Dryads are mythological tree spirits that live in the forest and take care of the trees, animals and other living things in their forest. They will defend their forest from threats, intruders and destroyers of nature.

Dryads come in many forms. In my paintings I portray various types of trees as dryads.

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birches Stockholm Lill-Ulvån Långvind boats

My landscapes are usually inspired by places I have visited, both where I live and on my travels

I paint both from photos I have taken in the area and, weather allowing, on spot with my travel easel.

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Still Life

apple of peru pumpkins krokus red flower seashell

Floral paintings really open our eyes to the small details of our surrounding. It is so easy to overlook a small flower. When I take the time to paint them, I find a whole unique world in them.

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